Summer Fair

The Summer Fair is one of the biggest annual events organised by the ECSA. It is normally held in June in the school grounds/buildings. For the last few years about 500 people have attended the summer fair. There is a wide range of external and class lead stalls, a bar, a cafe and a barbecue. There are a number of activities to have a go out and we arrange some entertainment. The two aims of the fair are to provide a fun event for children, families, staff and the wider community (hopefully in the sunshine!) and to fundraise a significant amount of money for the school. In 2018, the fair brought in £xxx

It is normally organised by a small team of parents with a lot more help in the run up from class reps, office staff and friends. There is a lot to organise from risk assessments to all the stalls and entertainment although many of these jobs are similar year to year and clear templates are saved and passed on. The ECSA team provide support particularly in terms of sponsorship and assisting with communications. Organising the summer fair does require a considerable level of work and commitment for 3 months in the run up to the event but it is very rewarding.

The summer fair will be held on the 22nd of June 2019. The Summer Fair team is yet to be confirmed.