We need your help!

How you can get involved

This year has been a fabulous year and you can see that when we all work together as a community we can achieve great things. We are in desperate need for more volunteers to help put on the 2018/19 event calendar.

There are currently vacancies for class reps, Christmas Bazaar and Summer Ball organisers and on the Sponsorship and Advertising team.

We have a great community at Esher Church School, which pulls together to support our children and teachers. The ECSA is the Parent-Teacher Association and is a charity run by parent volunteers. Every parent at ECS is a member of the ECSA. Our aims are to raise much-needed extra funds for our amazing school – and have a good time while doing so! We can make a huge difference to our school’s community and resources, if we all pull together. Please help in any way you can – even if it’s an hour every so often or a small task, it makes such a difference. Without the volunteers we really can’t make the events happen.

If you’d like to help, please fill in the form below and let us know your preferences.


We promise to safeguard your personal data, and we will never sell or share your data with any third parties. Your data will not be used for any other purposes. For more details see our Privacy Policy on www.esherchurchschoolparents.com Or email yourecsa@gmail.com

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