Our new sensory garden is here!

We also want to shout about our wonderful new ‘Mirror Garden’!

  • Its rainbow-colours bring warmth and sunshine to our school, and encourages our children to relax and reflect, through smell, touch, sound and taste:
  • Smell – children relax amongst the sweet-smelling honeysuckle, climbing roses, jasmine, lavender and thyme.
  • Touch – children explore the different boxes of stones, the special touch wall, and feel the various soft plants.
  • Sound – children love playing the ‘garden drum kit’, and enjoy the relaxing sounds created by the touch boxes.
  • Taste – once grown, the children will taste the rhubarb and tomato plants (to be planted and managed by the school Gardening Club).
  • Our garden also includes an ever-lasting poppy, and an area to plant small wooden crosses for remembrance.
  • Thank you to so many amazing people who made this happen:
  • Helen Vernon for her imaginative design, and also to Hannah Emerson and her parents Phil and Pam, Jann Duffy, Katy Knock, Louise and Del Herbert, Fiona Chapman and Mark Vernon for their ideas and hard work.
  • All the other Year 6 parents, who provided plants, financial donations (which funded the mirrors and other decorative and sensory objects), and time, as they planted, painted, removed old masonry and built the trellis.
  • Garsons for their large donation of stakes, bark, compost, slate and contents for the touch boxes.
  • Brewers for their large donation of paint.
  • Claygate Flower & Village Show with Mogs de la Touche, who donated financially. And to Hill Park Roses.
  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are all stars ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Mirror Garden

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